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Let’s just be honest and upfront. For some, insurance is a grudge purchase. It’s not a luxury. It’s not glamorous, or even desirable. But, while we are calling a spade a spade, let us also face the fact: Insurance is a necessity!

Why? Peace of mind. It offers peace of mind that you, and your family, are protected. And can you really place a monetary value on that? We don’t think so either.

We are all faced with the reality of everyday risks and adversities. And an unforseen event, such as a vehicle accident or an all consuming fire (at home or your business), can easily throw your life upside down. Suddenly, adequate insurance does look more desireable.

So insurance is a transfer of risk. It is taking the potential risk (i.e. loss of income, life, a car, home, or health losses etc.), and transferring it onto an insurer. In return, you pay the insurer a premium to insure that risk so that when the unexpected strikes, and you lose the insured item, you are covered by your policy. 


Enjoy your life today by protecting your future!


Megaserve Insurance Consultancy has branched out and offers a wide spectre of insurance coverage:

  • Life Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Pension/Insurance policy
  • Property Insurance
  • Scolar Plans

We can offer a wide variety of insurance related investment schemes, with an important emphasis on collaboration only with well known and reputable Insurance companies, both local as well as International insurance companies.


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