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Businesses contemplating acquisitions, disposals or a reorganisation, need advice that is timely, proactive, innovative, commercial and efficient. Our Tax Services team will work with you in developing a tax strategy to support your overall business strategy. The aim is over the whole investment cycle:

  • to minimise taxes on acquisition;
  • minimise taxes on profits arising and extracted during the lifetime of the investment;
  • and to minimise taxes on an exit.

This would include advice relating to:

    • structuring corporate acquisitions and taking advantage of the rules that allow companies to obtain tax relief on the costs of acquiring intangible assets (including intellectual property and goodwill)
    • sheltering tax on share and asset sales including the substantial shareholdings relief that allows trading companies to sell certain shareholdings in other companies free of UK tax
    • maximising tax relief for the costs of raising and servicing finance
    • minimising transaction costs for Stamp Duty and VAT.

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