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The term corporate consultancy describes firms and service providers who give professional, individualized advice to organizations for the purpose of optimizing their business activities. Most clients are from the private sector, but the number of clients from the non-profit and public sectors is growing.

One specific form of corporate consulting is management consulting: Here as well, the advisory function is the focus, though management consultancies often specialize in particular industries or industry competences. This results in better understanding of that industry's typical characteristics and facilitates individualized consulting.

Management consulting, in other words, delves even more deeply into specific topics and can be considered a sub-category of corporate consulting.

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We provide consultancy and advisory services and solutions our clients may require in the various departmental divisions, such as implementation of procedures, human resources, market research and assistance in developing in specialised markets. These Services are usually rendered with regard to the markets we well know, mainly being Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro and Russia.

We also provide advisory services related to company acquisition or sale. We can assess and advise on potential acquisitions by analysing the financials of an entity / project; however we can also engage in investigating market circumstances related to such an acquisition.

Naturally, the most effective results of our advisory work relate to the markets we know best and have continuous feedback from reliable local sources. These markets are Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro and Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg Region).

Another related aspect of our service is the business plan composition which is an integral part of our finance sourcing activities and business project promotion. We strive to cover all relevant aspects in legal, financial and market potential in our business plan, consorting with specialised associates related to each field.


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