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An escrow is a financial agreement in which a third party controls the money and property of two transacting parties and only releases both when all of the terms of a given contract are met.

  • An escrow is a financial agreement in which a third party controls payments between two parties and only releases the funds involved once a contract's terms are met.
  • An escrow service temporarily holds money, paperwork, or other assets for a transaction on behalf of the transacting parties.
  • An escrow provider should be a¬†neutral third party who isn't concerned with whether the buyer or seller comes out ahead in the agreed transaction.
  • Escrow frequently applies to real estate transactions.

How Escrow Works

When you commit to buying or selling something, you agree to fulfill certain terms. For example, the buyer must pay the agreed-upon amount by a specific time, and the seller must provide the asset being sold. Of course, some transactions are more complicated than that. For example:

  • Buyers might want the right to inspect the property or goods they are buying before paying.
  • Sellers might want some assurance that they'll get paid (or have the opportunity to move on if the deal isn't happening quickly enough).
  • The asset being sold might be a service instead of a product.

In complicated arrangements like these, one party may feel unsure that the other will meet their end of the bargain, creating the need for a third party to act as a "referee."

The escrow provider acts as this arbiter and ensures that the buyer and seller do what they have agreed to do.


We often provide escrow services to our established clients, either corporate or private individuals, as the escrow agent between two or more parties.

We also assist in the drafting of such agreements with the solid support and specialised legal advice of our renowned associated advocates, ensuring the high standard of such agreements.

In the case that we are not appointed as Escrow Agent, in a specific transaction, for whatever reason, we can assist clients in appointing one of the banks we collaborate with as the Escrow Agent.

Kindly note that all escrow transactions are subject to compliance procedures and are strictly determined according to regulations of the jurisdiction of the parties involved.

As Escrow Agreements are tailor made, kindly contact us with further details of your transaction and it will be our pleasure to give you our best possible quote.


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