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What is investment consulting?
Our investment consultancy services give clients specific guidance at every stage of investment decision-making, risk management and monitoring. In fact, we have been helping pension funds, endowments, foundations and other investors for more than 30 years.

We create value by equipping our investment consultants with extensive global research and intellectual capital. They then have the freedom to design investment solutions for specific client situations. You can tailor our services to your needs, opting for anything from research and advice, through to specialist solutions including fiduciary management.

We advise clients on the best strategies for converting insights into actions designed to achieve your target outcomes.

We help our clients to be informed about market changes and trends that may impact them


Through our well developed network of clients, financial institutions and collaborating companies we often bind projects of interest with potential investors. This introduction of investors to potential projects and vice-versa is usually done with projects and investors who we are familiar with, i.e.  we know the people behind the project and its' potential on the market, as well as knowing investors and their investment profile.

 Furthermore we can provide the management of these projects and monitor their development, as well as reporting to the parties involved.

We also advise in the field of Investment in funds, insurance investment schemes, bonds etc. Our view on this kind of advice is mainly influenced by our knowledge of the institutions which are strictly regulated, thus enabling us to reveal the history and the future potential of such investment.


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